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My name is Danika and I am an energetic healer, certified life coach (MMC) & health coach, NLP practitioner, a green/home/kitchen born witch, a mom of a toddler(!! I KNOW !!), a réincarnated earth elementary ( an elf to be very precise, but not like tobby… more like Arwen in lords of the rings) and here is my second home, my sweet and welcoming place.

What can you find here that you might like?

first of all, you can read my blog!

A coffee With a Green Witch

Where I talk about magic, spirituality, and psyche crossing the path of health, my motherhood journey, and obviously my favorite things: books, coffee shops, places, online shops…

This blog might not be the best place for a muggle, because I go ALL IN in Witchcraft and weirdness.

But it’s the perfect spot for a witch, or a wannabe witch ( also known as baby witch). I share my knowledge. Everything.

Secondly, you can visit the shop

I create some amazing pendulums with hemp cord and gemstones.

I do knot magic and have added a little lava bead so you can work with the magic of essential oils with your pendulum.

And for the moment, that is pretty much it.

I am working on courses to add so it will be easier for you to obtain teaching from me & take your power back.

That’s me. Hii !!

You would like to work with me?

Here at Danika Thériault coaching, my goal is to make you unleash the badass Witch within yourself.

I create ama-zin and transformative program for my clients, specializing in connecting with your higher self, channeling the magic of the earth and universe, cognitive psychology, shadow work, emotional psychology, energetic healing, self-esteem, self-love, and certified as an MMC ( Master mindset coach), spiritual coach, LOA coach, and health coach. Whether you want to find yourself back after a big life event, find your path in witchcraft, find your life purpose, find your soulmate, or just for any other kind of achievement that you want support on.
You are at the right place!!

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